Tia's Webpage about Cats

Tia's Webpage about Cats

Why are cats so awesome? Good question.


#2. They are stealth ninjas of the night.

#3. Have you seen them play? I love how they attack their own feet while kicking themselves in the face.

Video of cat kicking itself slo-mo

#4. The way they stare you down, like they're the rulers of the house, and you must bow to them.

#5. How they show you their bellies, and then attack you if you try to pet them.

#6. The way their eyes glow in the dark....

#7. When they wake you up at 2:00 in the morning to feed them.

#8. When you actually feed them, and they start treating you like a mere peasant. Again.

#9. When they lie on your wrapping paper because they think that they're a gift to the world.

#10. How they get in the way of every task so efficiently.

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